The supply of fall protection systems and equipment for confined environments is one of the most important items in our work, offering a wide range of products quality, certified and resistant over time.

All products are in stainless steel and aluminum and have been selected and screened over time after having tested them scrupulously in our construction sites.

Our customer, therefore, can be sure of purchasing competitive products from an economic and qualitative point of view.

The supply of fall protection systems proposed by G.F. Security is on the products:

life lines


walkways and overpasses

stairs with cage

confined spaces

safety rails

fall protection nets

metal nets for skylights

G.F. Safety, thanks to strong company growth, has expanded the warehouse storage area by acquiring a second location for the most voluminous material.

This allows us to have an increasingly well-stocked warehouse offering customers a prompt delivery service to meet any urgency on site.

Furthermore, having a varied company fleet, it is able to deliver any type of fall protection material and products in a very short time both at your company and directly on site for the start of work, optimizing the times and the working process of our partners.

Thanks, therefore, to these services we are able to raise any kind of customer concern by supporting them step by step to obtain the best possible results.