Confined Spaces

By “confined spaces” we mean those confined spaces, characterized by limited access openings and unfavorable natural ventilation.
Environments where an important accident can occur, which can lead to a serious injury or death, in the presence of dangerous chemical agents (for example, gases, vapors, dusts).

Some confined spaces are easily identifiable as such, as the limitations linked to access openings and ventilation are very evident and / or the presence of dangerous chemical agents is known. (e.g. storage tanks, silos, reaction vessels, sewers, septic tanks, etc.)

All these confined spaces provide for safety measures for possible first aid through lifters, clothing, masks and so on.

The equipment in our catalog are made up of various models of Recovery cranes and tripods that are created to allow you to work safely during the descent and parking phases within confined spaces.

The use of the movable tripods can be configured in places with vertical access preferably positioned on a flat walking surface such as for example road manholes, underground silos.

Other equipment used in confined spaces are the ladders with rail for the safety of the operator when descending and climb in an unfavorable environment.

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