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Rental of fall protection systems for collective protection of operators on site, is a service proposed by G.F. Safety to fulfill all the safety aspects at height that may be encountered on the construction site.

The rental of fall protection systems is carried out for type S fall protection nets and for all temporary safety parapets.

G.F. In addition to the supply of fall protection systems, it is one of the few Italian companies that offers cold and hot rental of S-type fall protection nets. / a>

Cold freight only provides for the rental of equipment, while hot freight is a contract between two parties, which involves not only the rental of equipment, but also of the personnel suitable for its use and to the assembly / disassembly of the same.

The temporary parapet is essential for safety on site, delimiting slabs, terraces and cornices both in construction in progress and in restructuring.

To propose a cold or hot rental of an efficient temporary railing G.F. Security boasts a wide range of provisional parapets suitable for the most diverse needs and for multiple types of roofs, for flat roofs or roofs with inclinations up to 10 ° (Class A) and for roofs with slopes up to 30 ° (Class B).

Our temporary railings are ISPESL-INAIL certified with static and / or dynamic tests as required by the EN 1337 standard

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