For personal protective equipment, PPE, we refer to all those equipment or instruments intended to be worn or in any case carried by the worker in order to protect him from the risks that the tasks carried out by his activity entail, a concept very well expressed by the legislation. on safety at work, Legislative Decree 81/08, which in art. 74 paragraph 1, states: any equipment intended to be worn and kept by the worker in order to protect him against one or more risks likely to threaten his safety or health during work, as well as any complement or accessory intended for this purpose.

An individual protective device cannot be lacking in some of the following structural characteristics: comfort, ergonomics, harmlessness and solidity, and all must perfectly respond to stress tests and comply with the standards required by European legislation in terms of testing work equipment.

Temporary belt lifelines complete with transport bag, ratchet and 2 snap hooks for fixing are also considered PPE. Approved for 1 to 3 operators, ideal for working safely on roofs where no type of fall protection system is installed.

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