The walkways constitute a collective protection system , and also all comply with the EN ISO 14122-2: 2010 standard.

The entire range is made of aluminum and the components are assembled using stainless steel screws.

They can be adapted to any work area in which a safe transit must be achieved; the lightness and ductility of the system allow for quick and practical installations.

The walkways can be equipped with side railings and stairs thus creating a complete collective protection system.


Among the most interesting and particular solutions we propose there are overpass bridges which are composed of the union of sections of stairs and sections of walkway , which are normally used for climbing over plants, pipes, changes of heights or exceeding areas where particular risks are present.

Each overpass is designed by our technical office and built ad hoc according to the needs and made entirely of die-cast aluminum alloy .

The walkway is a collective fall arrest system compliant with the EN ISO 14122-3: 2010 standard

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