Safety Track

The safety rail is a versatile fall arrest device that uses different trolleys or baskets, to be part of a restraint or fall arrest system, or as a support for suspended work on double rope.

The safety rail has an extruded aluminum alloy profile that guarantees the product lightness, resistance to corrosion and atmospheric agents and a mechanical resistance suitable for the various possible uses.

The track is installed by fixing ceiling or wall supports to the structure and, for use as a fall arrest device, the operator must connect with his PPE to the high sliding trolley.

In the case of use for suspended work, the fixing brackets are to be positioned every 6.00 m and the track is approved for use by 3 operators, while for use with baskets, the distance between the supports is reduces to 3m.

The anchoring device considers different technical standards, depending on the possible uses. EN 795: 2012 Type D,

As a device against falls from a height suitable for suspended work; EN 1808 “Suspended platforms at variable levels” for use with baskets.

It also meets the Atex criteria for use in explosive environments, as per TUV certification in compliance with directive 94/9 / EC and with standards EN 13463- 5: 2007, EN 13463-1: 2009 class II cat.2.

It can also be used in zone 1 for dust-based and gas-based explosive atmospheres (group IIA, IIB, IIC).

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