From January 31, 2015 in Emilia Romagna , as in other Italian regions, the obligation to install lifeline and / or permanent fall arrest devices on roofs and on the large and / or continuous mirrored walls of buildings has come into force.

The purpose of the lifeline installation is to reduce the risk of injury in relation to the potential fall from a height when working at height.

Works involving transit or maintenance works on the roof of personnel equipped with PPE.

This is a very important installation, therefore, which allows you to guarantee maximum safety on the roof.

Since we are talking about safety, in order to avoid possible injuries or deaths, it is essential to contact professionals in the sector.

Our professional and qualified installers are among the best in the industry having gained decades of experience in fall protection and can install and resolve any type of anomaly that occurs on site.

Furthermore, periodically, the staff of G.F. Security attends refresher and specialization courses in the most particular sectors such as those of confined spaces.

G.F. Sicurezza is a guarantee of a state of the art lifeline installation and the creation of fall protection systems with the highest safety standards.

And that is why on the products we install such as parapets, lifelines, staircases with cages, walkways, safety nets type S we give a ten-year guarantee.