Health and Safety Solutions for Work at Height

No Frights in the Heights!

We tackle work at height safety issues every day and we have done so for nearly twenty years.
It is what we like to do, because we care for people’s health and safety. And it is what we do best, because our tools, knowledge and experience have allowed us to take on any situation.

For G.F. Sicurezza any issue is solvable, therefore we design fall protection solutions suited for any site and need, thanks to our range of services and products.

Safety at Height: Before, During and Ever After

Our team of experts will accompany you step by step, from research and design to equipment hire, from consultancy to project completion, including ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of system and equipment.

We will be on your company’s side to advise and support you in the search of the best solution for your financial needs and practical requirements, while complying with the latest health and safety at work regulations.

We will always find a way to satisfy your needs and requirements, even the most atypical ones, thanks to our vast knowledge of the industry.

Be a Safe Employer

Article 2087 of the Italian Civil Code [TN: and UK Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 (HSaWA)] states that it is an employer’s responsibility to care for the health and safety of their employees by implementing appropriate measures to prevent injuries and maintain a safe work environment. To ensure safety and absence of risks, it is legally mandatory for the employer to implement those measures in relation to the activity they carry out as well as industry specific measures, in accordance with their risk assessments.
The employer, deemed responsible for any damage caused to the health of their employees – whether they are operating on the ground or at height – is legally obliged to prove diligence in the implementation of appropriate prevention measures.

G.F. Sicurezza ’s solutions are the answer you were looking for: by choosing us, you will avoid unpleasant situations and have peace of mind. Our solutions are certified, guaranteed and professionally installed on any type of high site.

Transparency and Cooperation

Each project with G.F. Sicurezza starts by taking measurements in situ and surveying your working area: we will analyse risks, premises and necessary technical requirements needed to pick the best solution for you.
Our proposals are extremely detailed and include the complete technical documentation, such as product specifications and technical documents.

Our team of engineers will take care of the paperwork for you, redacting certificates for each fall protection device, in compliance with regulations.
Curious about the potential documentation needed for your system?

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Whether you need your old fall protection system to be in line with current regulations or you want to implement a new one, we are here to help you.