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For maintenance linea vita it is essential to periodically review the system.

The intervention of competent personnel is always required after assembly, before putting the system into service, and subsequently “at least once a year if in regular service or before reuse if not used for long periods” (UNI EN 11158 , art. 9.1.6).

In conjunction with these inspections, the staff can carry out simple and basic lifeline maintenance activities, such as cleaning the anchors, tightening nuts, tensioning the cable …

An inspection is also mandatory, before proceeding to further use, following a fall arrest.

The specialized technical staff of G.F. Sicurezza is able to provide a regular maintenance and overhaul service on the works installed on the roof.

For the installed systems, overhaul is very important to maintain the integrity of the work over time, keeping the safety level as per installation.

The revision of the life lines is detailed at the point 9.1.6 of the UNI EN 11158 standard in which they are specified the aspects that must be taken into consideration by the competent staff:

– Inspection of the anchor points.

– Check the tensioning of the anchor lines.

– Check of any energy absorbers.

– inspection of the integrity of the end points of the anchor lines.

– Control of rigid anchor lines and their terminal elements: permanent deformation, corrosion, fixing of the terminal elements.

– Control of mobile devices permanently installed on the anchor line.

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