Fall Protections Nets

GF Sicurezza offers all companies a complete rental and installation service of “S” type fall protection nets. Such networks are used for protection and safety purposes in various contexts: for example, on construction sites and in assembly. These are devices that are used to stop the fall of objects and, above all, people, promoting their safety in the event of problems.

The installation of fall protection nets is mandatory by law, and allows operators to enjoy maximum freedom of action, without being constrained in their movements. In the event that a person falls from above, the impact is cushioned by virtue of the considerable deformability of the device, so that the onset of injuries is avoided or, in any case, minimized. Usually, fall protection nets are made with a particular material, multifilament polypropylene, which is water-repellent and knotted with high tenacity. They are also supplied with the identification seals of the product and with all the appropriate certifications.

Among the reference standards in this area are UNI EN 13374: 2004 and UNI EN 1263-2: 2003 and for the installation of fall protection nets and for the rental of a fall protection net you can safely rely on services and professionalism of GF Sicurezza, having the certainty of dealing with an experienced, competent and highly qualified work team, able to identify and adopt the most suitable solutions for every situation.


G.F. Safety offers a hot or cold rental service on fall protection nets. Cold freight when only the material is supplied while hot freight is a contract between two parties, which provides not only for the rental of equipment, but also for personnel suitable for its use and assembly / disassembly of the same.

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