Lifeline on sheet metal

Lifeline on sheet metal

The lifeline on corrugated sheet metal (according to the UNI EN 795 standard) is a set of anchors placed at a height on the roofs to which the operators are hooked using harnesses and relative lanyards.

The sheet metal lifeline is compulsorily installed on the roofs of new buildings and also of existing buildings, in a stable way, for their future maintenance, following a regulation currently adopted only by some Italian regions. (Legislative Decree of April 9, 2008, n. 81 – “Implementation of article 1 of the law of August 3, 2007, n. 123, concerning the protection of health and safety in the workplace” – Art. 115 “Protection systems against falls from above “)

the sheet metal lifeline is a system that can be installed on metal roofs with corrugation. Thanks to special fixings, with rivets and gaskets, it is applied directly on the sheet without the need for further restoration and waterproofing work.

Two sizes of 32.5 cm and 52.5 cm plates are available that allow them to adapt to any spacing of the ribs.


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