G.F. Sicurezza


GF Sicurezza is a leading company in the fall protection sector

G.F. Sicurezza was born in 2007 from the need and intuition of the founders to give greater assistance to the customer, not limiting themselves to a simple supply of material but providing anti-fall solutions; specific design and construction consultancy for each intervention, always placing personal safety at the center.

This intuition and this new way of approaching safety at height has led to the achievement of great goals in a short time. Many already fixed in 2007, others unexpected, which have brought constant growth bringing G.F. Sicurezza to become a leader in fall protection solutions.

The company staff consists of 3 departments. A professional technical office, always updated on new regulations, ready to satisfy even the most demanding companies by finding the most suitable fall protection solutions. A commercial department established, with a great experience on the construction site, able to follow the customer step by step until the completion of the works. A department of specialized, highly qualified and constantly updated installers; equipped with the best tools on the market and minutes from a fleet of latest generation vehicles.

The professionalism and obsessive attention to detail has led G.F. Sicurezza to have references and customers of the highest quality who find in this company the technical skills to be able to solve any intervention for the safety of any roof or confined environment.

Who turns to G.F. Security must know that it puts itself in safe, professional and referenced hands, in people who strongly believe in safety and who always put human life at the center in any work or evaluation.

G.F. Sicurezza believes in rigorous compliance with regulations, and thanks to its technicians it can provide the most economical certified solution, when possible, but always the most suitable solution for securing the roof on any construction site.

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Our sales technicians are always available for free site inspections.


Specialists, with decades of experience, able to provide the most suitable solution for any type of problem

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100% guarantee that our interventions will be delivered on time, within the established budget limits

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Here you will find the best market prices on materials, services and interventions of various kinds

G.F. Sicurezza


GF Sicurezza offers only the best products on the fall arrest market such as life lines for any type of cover, parapets, walkways and overpasses (ad Hoc), fall protection ladders, equipment for confined spaces, safety rails, anchor points and DPI.





GF Sicurezza guarantees an all-Italian work, product and quality. A punctual and precise team able to solve any need.